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İngilizce Deyimler III

GET ON FOR: To approach a certain time or age.

I’m not sure how old he is but he must be getting on for 50.

GET OUT: Escape from, leave.

My grandmother is very old, so she doesn’t get out of the house much.

GET OVER STH: 1-) To overcome a problem.

We’ll have to get over the problem of finding somewhere to live first.

2-) To recover from sth unpleasant, or from an illness.

He still hasn’t got over his wife’s death.
It took her a long time to get over her operation.
I can’t get over how rude he was.

GET UP: Organize, arrange.

They got up a concert in aid of concert research.

GET UP: Rise from bed.

I get up at seven o’clock every morning.

GIVE SB AWAY: To go with the bride into the church and officially give her to the bridegroom during the marriage ceremony.

Her father gave her away.

GIVE BACK: Restore a thing to its owner.

I must call at the library to give back this book.

GIVE IN: Admit defaat, yield.

Everyone said I was wrong so I gave in to their options.
The problem was too difficult for me. I had to give in.

GIVE UP: Cease, stop.

My father gave up cigarettes six months ago.
It’s hard to give up and old habbit.

GIVE UP: Surrender, abandon.

The wanted man gave himself up tp the police.
Our old house was too far away from town, so we gave up living in it.

GIVE OFF: Exude (of smells)

The liquid in the bottle game off a strong smell of almonds.
When water is heated, it gives off stream.

GIVE OUT: Become exhausted.

The gold in the mine gave out evebtually.
He struggled againist the bear until his strength gave out.

GIVE OUT: Distribute.

At the new hospital, they give out free medicine to everbody.
A boy stood at the door giving out programmes to the visitors.

GLANCE OFF (STH): To hit sb at an angle and move off again in another direction.

The ball glanced off the goalpost and into the net.

GLAZE OVER: (used about the eyes) To show no interest or expression.

GLORY IN STH: To take pleasure or pride in sth.

He gloried in his sporting success.

GO AGAINIST STH: To be opposed to or opposite to sth/not to be in agreement with sth.

It goes againist my principles to use violence.

GO AHEAD: Proceed, continue.

You go ahead and I’ll follow; I’m not quite ready.

GO AWAY: 1-) To leave the place where you live for a period of time of at least one night.

We’re going away this weekend and we’ll be back on Sunday evening.

2-) To disappear.

I’ve tried to remove the stain in the carpet, but it won’t go away.

GO BACK: Return, retire, retreat.

I’m never going back to that hotel. It’s the most uncomfortable.

GO DOWN: 1-) (used about a ship, etc...) To sink.

2-) (used about the sun) To disappear from the sky.

3-) To become later in price, level, etc...; to fall.

The price of these computers has gone down in the last years.
The number of people out of work went down last month.

GO DOWN WITH STH: To catch an illness; to become ill with sth.

Ten of our staf have gone down with flu.

GO FOR SB: To attack somebody.

The cat went for the dog and chased it out of the hall.

GO FOR SB/STH: To be true for a particular person or thing.

We’ve got financial problems but I suppose the same goes for a great many people.

GO IN: 1-) Enter.

2-) (used about the sun) To disappear behind a cloud.

GO OFF: Explode (by itself), fire (by itself) like a gun.

A bomb has gone off in the city center.

GO OFF: Become stale, begin to root.

This egg has gone off.

GO OFF: To make a sudden loud noise.

I woke up when my alarm clock went off.

GO ON: Cease, continue.

Please go on with your game.
This is a difficult problem but it won’t go on forever.

GO OUT: Stop shining, stop burning.

The fire has gone out and I’m cold.
We saw a sudden flash and the lights went out.

GO OUT: Leave the house.

Mum! I’m going out.

GO OVER STH: To look at, think about or discuss sth carefully from beginning to end.

Go over your work before you hand it in.

GO ROUND: 1-) Suffice 

Will there be enough wine to go round?

2-) Go to his/her...etc...house.

I said that I’d go round and see her during the weekend.

GO THROUGH: To be completed succesfully.

The deal went through as agreed.

GO THROUGH WITH STH: To do sth unpleasant or difficult that you have decided, agreed or threatened to do.

Do you think she’ll go through with her threat to leave him?

GO TOWARDS STH: To be used as part of the payment for sth.

The money, I was given for my birthday went towards my new bike.

GO UNDER: 1-) To sink below the surface of water.

2-) (informal) (used about a company) To go out of business.

A lot of firms are going under in the recession.

GO UP: 1-) To start burning suddenly and strongly.

The car crashed into a wall and went up in flames.

2-) To become higher in price, level, amount, etc...

Petrol has gone up again.
The birth rate has gone up by 10%

GO WITHOUT STH: To manage without having sth.

They went without sleep many nighs when the baby was ill.

GRASP AT STH: To try to seize or grasp sth.

He grasped at the swinging rope, but missed.

GROW INTO STH: 1-) To become.

She has grown into a very attractive child.

2-) To become big enough to fit clothes, etc...

The coat is too big for him, but he will soon grow into it.

GROW UP: To become mature or adult.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

GROW OUT OF: Abandon, on becoming older, a childish habit.

He used to tell a lot of lies as a young boy but he grew out of that letter on.

GUARD AGAINIST STH: To try to prevent sth or stop sth happening.

A good diet helps to guard againist disease.

GUN SB DOWN: (informal) To shoot sb and kill or seriously injure him\her.

HAND IN: To give sth to sb in authority.

I found a wallet and handed it in to the police.
She handed in her resignation.

HAND ON: To send or give sth to another person.

When you have read the article, please hand it on to Pınar.

HAND OUT: To give sth to many people in a group.

Food was handed out to the starving people.

HAND OVER: Surrender authority or respobsibility to another.

The Outgoing Minister handed over his department to his successor.

HAND ROUND: To give or show to each person present.

The hostess handed round coffee and cakes.

HANG ABOUT/AROUND:To stay in or near a place not doing very much.

I really hate hanging around in airports.

HANG BACK: To show unwillingness to act.

Everyone approved off the scheme but when we asked for volunteers, they all hung back.

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