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İngilizce Deyimler IV

HANG STH OUT: To put washing, etc. on a clothesline, so that it, car dry.

HAVE (GOT) STH ON: 1-) To be wearing sth.

She’s got a green jumper on.
What did the man on?

2-) (infomal) To have an arrangement to do sth.

I have got nothing on, on Monday.

HEAD FOR: To move towards a place. 

I think it’s time to head for home.

HEAD FROM SB: To receive a letter, telephone call, etc... from sb.

HELP (SB) OUT: To help sb in a difficult situation or to give money to help sb.

My parents have promised to help us out with buying the car.

HEM SB IN: To surround sb and prevent him/her from moving away.

We were hemmed in by the crowd and couldn’t leave.

HINGE ON STH: To depend on sth.

The future of the project hinges on the meeting today.

HIT BACK: To attack(with words)sb who attacked you.

The Prime Minister of Türkiye hit back at his crities.

HOLD ON: Wait.

Operator: Mr.Çevik’s line is engaged, will you hold on please?
Hold on! I’ll be with you in a minute.

HOLD OUT: Resist, survive.

Although they hadn’t eaten or slept for a week the regiment held out for three more days.Because they were Turks.

HOLD UP: Rob (using weapons)

Three masked men with pistols held up a bank yesterday.

HOLD OFF: Keep at distance, stay away.

The rain fortunately held off till after the school sports day.

HOOK (SB) UP: To link one television station with another.

The TRT is hooked up with NTV.

HOT UP: (informal) To become more exciting, with more things happening.

The election compaign has really hotted up in the past few days.

HURRY UP: (informal) To move or do sth quickly.

Hurry up, or we’ll miss the train.

HUSH STH UP: To stop people knowing about sth; to keep sth secret.

The police managed to hush up the whole affair.

ICE OVER: To cover become covered with ice.

The windscreen of the car had iced over in the night.

IDENTIFY WITH SB: To feel that you undersand and share what sb else is feeling.

I found it hard to identify with the woman in the film.

INQUIRE AFTER SB: To ask about sb’s health.

JOIN IN: To take a part in an activity.

She wouldn’t join in when everbody else playing basketball.

JOIN UP: To become a member of the army, navy or air force.

When the war was declared he joined up first.

JOT STH DOWN: To make a quick short note of sth.

Let me jot down your address.

JUMP AT STH: To accept an opportunity, offer,etc eagerly.

They asked me if I’d like to go on holiday with them and jumped at it.

JUT OUT: To stand out from sth.

Rocks that jut out into the sea.

KEEL OVER: To fall over sideways.

Several people keeled over in the heat.

KEEP STH DOWN: To make sth remain at a low level, to stop sth increasing.

Keep of your voice down.
The government is trying to keep prices down.

KEEP OFF STH: Not approach or go on sth.

Keep off the grass!

KEEP ON: To continue doing sth.

He keeps on interrupting me.

KEEP OUT: Not enter sth.

The sign said “Danger!Keep out!”

KEEP UP: To move at the same speed as sb.

Can’t you walk a bit slower?I can’t keep up.

KEEP UP: To know about what is happening.

You have to read the latest magazines if you want to keep up.

KICK OFF: To start a game of football.

KNOCK ABOUT/AROUND: (informal) To be in a place.

I’m sure last week’s newspaper is knocking around here somewhere.
I spent a few months knocking around Europe before I went to the university.

KNOCK OFF: (informal) To stop doing work, etc...

What time do you knocked off?

KNOCK SB OUT: 1-) To hit sb so that he/she becomes unconscious or cannot get up again for a while.

The punch on the nose knocked him out.

KNOCK OVER:To cause sb/sth to fall over.

Be careful not to knock over the drinks.

LASH OUT: To suddenly attack with sb/sth.

When he came home drunk his wife lashed out at him.

LAUGH AT SB/STH: To show by laughing that you think sb/ath is funny.

The children laughed at the clown.

LEAD UP TO SB: To be an introduction to or cause of sth.

What were the events that led up to the first world war.?


Leave off making that noise.

LET ON: Reveal.

Don’t let on to anyone that we are going out.

LET OFF: Discharge.

It was new year’s evening and people were letting off fireworks in the street.

LET OFF: Allow someone to go unpunished.

As he had never been in trouble before the judge let him off with a warning.
You have apologized for breaking the window, so I’ll let you off this time.

LET IN FOR: Cause.

I’m afarid your absence lets me in for a lot extra work.
Be careful!Don’t let yourself in for anything unpleasant.

LET UP: Relent, relax.

The storm started this morning and hasn’t let up all day.
We have almost finshed, don’t let up yet.

LET DOWN: Break a promise, cause disappointment.

He promised to meet me here at ten, but he has let me down again.
We have been partners for thirty years and have never let each other down.

LIVE STH DOWN: To make people forget sth bad or embarrassing that has happened to you.

They lost 10-nil?They’ll never live it down.

LIVE ON: To continue to live.

After his retirement he lived on for another 25 years.
Pir Sultan Abdal is dead, but his music lives on.

LIVE UP TO STH: To be as good as expected.

Children sometimes find it hard to live up to their parents’ expectations.

LOCK STH AWAY: To keep sth in a safe or secret place.

LOCK UP: Lock all the doors.

LOCK SB UP: To put sb in a prison.

All the prisoners are locked for the nights.

LOOK AFTER: Take care of.

Who looks after the baby while you’re away.

LOOK FOR: Try to find sth.

I’ve lost my watch. I must look for it.

LOOK INTO: Investigate.

The police look into all kinds of crime.

LOOK LIKE: Resemble.

Little Alper looks like her uncle.

LOOK ON: Watch without taking part.

Help me.Don’t just look like on while I’m trying to lift this sack.

LOOK OUT: Mind, be careful.

Look out for holes in the road surface.

LOOK TO: Expect from.

I’m the head so naturally the staff look to me for help and advice.

LOOK AHEAD: To think about or plan for the future.

Looking ahead a few years, there is going to be a shortage of skilled workers.

LOOK BACK: To think about sth in the past.

LOOK UP: To raise your eyes.

She looked up and smiled.

LOOK UP: To improve.

The computer online is looking up day by day.

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